The Merger of Human Talent and Machine Cognition....

Equitus Intelligence (EI) empowers human curiosity and truly creative thinking with exponentially powerful advanced computational analytics. Equitus systems are delivered in days, ready-to-use, and create insight for both analysts and decision makers in a streamlined process.


Dynamic multidimensional analysis uncovers hidden connections and trends with geospatial, temporal and relationship analytics. Equitus gives you more than the sum of your data... it creates true intelligence. Equitus features a 24x7 automated identity resolution and recommendation engine which alerts analysts when new information is available and when data has been altered. Equitus is delivered in a 10 or 25 user system with a modular and extensible design that easily scales with organizations needs and challenges both in data store and users. Advanced analytics perform at critical speeds to manage, integrate and analyze multi-source data and get results in near real-time. Data on-demand connectors to streaming data help users analyze data in near real-time, and integrated collaboration lets you securely share your findings with those who need it most.


Converge your best minds and your best data through a single system that produces critical information for ongoing operations in time to impact it. Equitus® puts your organization in the driver’s seat of intelligence, and delivers deep insight in real time on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Equitus® navigates all your data sources in real time, with minimal user training and complete end-to-end support. Our smart analytics fuels easy-to-use interfaces that are accessible by users across your organization, to deliver deep awareness directly to those that need it. Tasks that would normally take several analysts several hours, can now be done in just minutes and with greater precision!



System provides insights by finding non-obvious correlations to undiscovered data about your subjects.


Extract value from unstructrued data by converting, normalizing and enriching it.


Analyze and interpret all of your data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video.


Utilize machine cognition to grow the subject matter expertise in your data and learn form it.

Form Factor

Equitus® is built into a pre-integrated appliance platform, designed to achieve simplicity in deploying and managing data analytics. Systems come in 10, 25 and 100 Users versions, with delivery, setup and a user training program included. Equitus® is easily integrated with your current investment in analytics software and systems or our own family of Equitus analytics systems.


Equitus® can be procured through your current technology provider, or through our resellers, partners, and service providers. Systems can be delivered globally in less than two weeks, and be ready to deliver a true competitive advance to your organization in less than 24 hours from delivery.


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