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Human Terrain Analysis System

Sc2 Corp, in collaboration with IBM and LUCIAD, presents the world’s first fully-integrated social media analytics command center. With HTAS, organizations can now analyze and impact social media on their own terms. HTAS can navigate social terrain in near real-time with minimal user training without extensive development and without onsite technical expertise.

HTAS is capable of...

- Identifying influencers of mass communication
- Finding origins of topics and ideas in 40+ languages
- Capturing user data and metadata, calculating attitude
- Using clustering algorithms to provide new insight
- Delivering visualizations across platforms (mobile, desktop)

Automated Capabilities

• Analyzes sentiment in native language
• Identifies concepts that drive social networks
• Identifies key influencers
• Interoperable with legacy applications
• Geospatial visualization in 4D
• Real time data mining of Tweets and re-tweet sequences
• Analyzes conversations & helps to predict impact to mission.

User Controls

• Users define topics of interest
• Users define data types & sources
• Users control analysis taxonomies

Each HTAS unit is tailored for the user-type, role and function. Users are in complete control of what they see and how they see it. From simple statistical queries, to live geospacial navigation of digital human terrain, HTAS puts the user in control.  

Appliance Form Factor

• HTAS is sold as a single appliance, ready to plug-in and operate.
• HTAS is hardware based on IBM's Pure Application Systems, the most advanced mini-cloud appliance available today.
• HTAS systems can be operated at our facility, or yours.
• HTAS systems are accessible by remote users on multiple devices (mobile phones, PCs, cloud)

Turn Key & Full Service

HTAS is a complete system, inclusive of all hardware, software, configuration, connectivity, data access, starter taxonomies and services to begin work right away.

HTAS is delivered with 1 FTE technical resource and 1 FTE analyst/trainer and will support 100 heavy users (expandable to 500 heavy users per base-model HTAS appliance) including mobile-device access. 

Contact Client Relations for more information or a demo, at: or 888 722 8755 ext. 1