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Dan O'Shea  

O’Shea is a retired Navy SEAL Commander & Army Ranger qualified officer and combat veteran with more than twenty years of special operations experience and multiple Middle East (Iraq/Afghanistan) and Africa tours. An asymmetric warfare specialist, O’Shea is a recognized subject matter expert in counter-insurgency (COIN) counter-terrorism (CT) and hostage-terrorism. Established and served as the Coordinator of the inter-agency (DOS/DOD/FBI/CIA) Hostage Working Group at the US Embassy in Baghdad 2004-2006. Served as a counter-insurgency (COIN) Adviser for the Commander International Security Assistance Force (COMISAF) Afghanistan from 2011-2012, O’Shea, is a frequent military analyst for CNN, BBC, MSNBC and FOX News. A graduate of the US Naval Academy with a BS in History, O’Shea also has a Masters in Executive Leadership (MSEL) from the University of San Diego Business School.