Most organizations face the challenge of how to visualize thousands of data sources into a single geospatial landscape. You own the data, but now you want to use it and combine it with your other available information. Equitus Visual Ops (EVO) provides this and more in a complete private system, with an intuitive and interactive
interface that is powerful and easy to use. EVO is a mapbased visualization application that presents coordinateliked datasets to any internet enabled devices including
computers, laptops, tablets and more.

Information Operations

View sentiment of local populations captured in polling data and on social media in real time. Superimpose your existing data onto a visualization mapping platform.


Track and visualize all of your operations in real time with one common operating picture. Real-time updates allow users to quickly discern changes in different specified metrics.

Law Enforcement

  • Track incidents down to a three (3) meter location. Aggregate all of your data and see it on a map. Output of this data can range from a single point to a heat map representing variance.


Discover new insights by combining disparate data

Equitus® Visual Ops (EVO) is a map-based visualization application that displays coordinatelinked datasets on any internet-enabled device.


Complex filters allow you to specify what data is presented to help you find answers

EVO compiles historical data from legacy systems and offers a seamless fusion of data with realworld coordinates and mapping. 


Manipulate data by selecting filters and timeframes to watch trends and patterns unfold in real time

Real-time updates allow EVO users to quickly discern changes in different specified metrics, improving response time estimates and fine-tuning the prioritization and preparedness process.


Delivered to your site or securely hosted, keeping your data on your network

With the ability to integrate so many different data types, EVO is a cost-effective, user-friendly system that adds a geospatial dimension to existing analytic architectures and systems.


Upload specific maps, utilize specific icon sets, and view various overlays such as countries or provinces


Advanced geospatial tools and analytics for fast response


Visualize both spatial and temporal data



Information stored as OGCcompliant 


Support for over 200 data formats, including live updates 


Adaptable to Equitus Social Insight® : View social media data obtained using ESI on a visualization mapping platform


Getting the bigger picture from data

Precision location algorithms with an exhaustive list of suported data times


EVO is an application delivered on hardware. Analysis is performed on-site and is secure with the customer instead of on the cloud 


Support for customization of data visualizations to be exported as reports is included - share your discovery with custom reports


Track changes in your data, and see the big picture as it changes over time

Geospatial Visualizations

Tailored to be interactive on the Desktop, in a web browser, and mobile devices 

The biggest challenge for most companies while establishing a demographic landscape is that their existing mapping systems lack logical geospatial features. Equitus Visual Ops offers this in an intuitive touch screen interface with precise locating features.