Turning inert documents into discoverable entities and activities.

Powerful, advanced computational text analytics and data integration tools breathe life into "old" information by revealing previously overlooked details.


ETA gives you all of your evidence, case documentation, and databases at your fingertips. Find connections between your data through link chart analysis and work through your case in time and space with ETA’s timeline analysis. Instantly fuse your case files with open-source intelligence to get a wholistic picture of the case with ETA.

Social Network Analysis

 Visualize and uncover the links and connections within an organization. Use you own data, or enhance your analysis with open-source intelligence . What used to take an analyst months to build out, now takes only a few hours. 

Operations Optimization

 Uncover any redundancies and inefficiencies in your operations and business model. Compare operations plans and outcomes through link chart analysis on one screen. Find similarities and differences and stream line your operation.


Import massive amounts of unstructured data from file types like PDF, PPT, CSV, and more

Equitus® Text Analytics offers the unparalleled ability to place your entire document library at your fingertips using automated information extraction capabilities.


Normalize data using intelligent deep-learning cognitive engines and link chart analysis

Deep-learning cognitive engines find crucial connections within large amounts of seemingly unrelated information. 


Reveal crucial relationships between seemingly unrelated data

ETA is capable of ingesting more than 1500 file types at roughly 10,000 pages per minute, extracting information and identifying different properties, relationships, and entities within documents.


Categorize data using customizable hierarchies, relationship types, and correlation rules

Unlike other products, ETA simultaneously excels in analytical power, accuracy, speed, scalability, configurability, and its ability to integrate. 

ETA Integrations


Metadata Extraction: 

Create a searchable database of your existing documents


1500 Different File Types:

Ingest unstructured, semistructured, and structured data


Visualizations/Geospatial Analysis:

View your data in a list format, table, map, link chart, timeline, histogram, etc.



Establish customized dictionaries and ontologies to derive intelligence from any situation


Microsoft SharePoint


IBM i2 Products


Open API


Features of Equitus Text Analytics include...

Text Extraction

Scour your documents for instances of an item of interest automatically, and view their sources seamlessly.   

Relationship Identification

Identify connections between entites through pattern recognition, and explore them in a generated network. 

Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive and negative sentiment from a dictionary, using context, or with user-defined parameters.

Optical Character Recognition

Scan documents directly into the system without changing with document types; OCR allows ETA to scan images and documents (.pdf) for text for direct ingestion without conversion. 


Identify part of speech and phrases for complex entity and relationship extraction.  

Entity Clustering

Indicate similar-seeming enities and merge them into one for further consideration.

Document Collection

Collect and store documents for analysis on ETA for analytics, allowing you to download source documents directly from the system. 

Geospacial Mapping

Plot GPS coordinates, lat-long, or place names alike using interactive maps from a multitude of providers.

Web Harvester

Scrape entire websites or results from search engines for documents and automatically add to collection for further analysis. 

Extract Metadata

Harvest any additional available details from your document, including its creation time, source, and much more. 

Machine Learning

By identifying entities and relationships, ETA will improve its definitions. That means with machine learning enabled, users can improve automated result generation. 

Structure Unstructured Data

By using these features, ETA can collect, identify, and sort data the way you want it, without worrying about table formatting or filetypes. 

... and that's just the basics.

Learn more about how Equitus Text Analytics can help your organization today. 


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