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Social media influences everything from politics, to the economy, and across the cultural divide. Organizations recognize the evolving requirement of understanding opinion and shaping population sentiment in order to serve and meet business targets. In this fast-paced, internet-driven era where instant communication and social networking can make or break the success of a brand or product launch, the criticality of understanding the social media environment is clear.

Election Support

 Outside of polls, what do people really think about a particular candidate? Easily distinguish between the news portrayal and how voters really feel. Monitor voters’ reactions to speeches, appearances, and emerging news about the candidate. Determine what talking points click with voters and refine messaging to effectively tailor campaigns for success by addressing voter needs.


Regardless of the type, investigations require the aggregation of digital information from numerous sources. ESI is the first step to generating leads. Track and analyze chatter about a given topic across countless websites. Identify slang terms and subtle connections within target communities

Market Research

    ESI has been used for social media monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of media campaigns. Evaluating sentiment using social media, news sites, blogs, reviews, boards, video sites, and other public open source forums. Zero in on the details to significantly improve situational awareness.


Evaluate customer sentiment in native languages across millions of online source

Equitus Social Insight® delivers major analytics services in a secure, plug-&-play system


Uncover answers hidden in social media data; easily adaptable to your own tool

ESI combines analytic tools, customizable reporting tools, and powerful language translations into a single, private system


Customize and summarize with 100+ pre-loaded, presentation ready report

Direct insights are delivered in real time on your desktop, tablet, or smart phone in a dashboard tailored to your requirements.


In-house solution delivered or securely hosted on your network

With minimal user training and end-to-end support, users across your organization will find the system easy to use. Tasks that would normally take several analysts many hours, or days, can now be completed with a single appliance in minutes.


Anonymized Searching :

Gather information without leaving a digital fingerprin


130 Million Unique URLs: 

Discover conversations on previously unknown sites


Top 10 Influencers:

Identify the most popular authors for a given topic



Evolving Topics: 

Use machine learning to detect important topics you don’t know to search for


Sentiment Analysis: 

Examine community opinions in various languages


Trend Analysis:

Track and analyze spikes and dips in topics of interest


Powerful Analytics that bring Social Media to Life

We cover a range of industries as diverse as these...

What Are People Saying?

Social Insight navigates social terrain in real time, with minimal user training and complete end-to-end support. Our easy-to-use interfaces are accessible by users across your
organization, delivering deep social media awareness directly to those that need it. Tasks that would normally take  several hours, or days, completed by several analysts, can now be done with a single appliance in minutes. ESI discovers and delivers what matters to you now.

Tools & Visualizations

Social Insight includes pre-defined dashboards for each user of the system. These dashboards are all available from separate tabs in an easy-to-use portal, which includes filters for easy control of data displayed. It includes the most advanced commercial in-memory geospatial visualizations with fully integrated support for desktops, web browsers and mobile devices.

Form Factor

Social Insight is built into a pre-integrated private cloud application platform, designed to achieve simplicity in deploying and managing all social media analytics. Systems come in 10, 25 and 100 users versions, with delivery, setup and a user training program included. Social Insight is easily integrated with your current investment in analytics software and systems. 


Social Insight can be procured through your current technology
provider, or through our
extensive network of resellers, partners and service providers.
Systems are typically delivered globally in less than two weeks, ready to deliver a true competitive
advance to your organization in less than 24 hours. 

Social Insights


• Pulls data immediately from millions of websites globally 

• Scores and tracks sentiment in multiple languages
• Navigate social media through 3D geospatial visualations 

• Extended discovery (Evolving  Topics) capabilities to identify “what you may not know” about your analysis and known “unknowns” 

• Demographic analytics with
ability to record poster’s
gender, marriage status, etc

• Influencer analytics for key
author analysis

• Geographic analysis for
regional uniqueness and social -economic-political insights 

• Behavioral analytics to identify  users, detractors, influencers and recommenders or exceeds 
preset parameters 




Million Websites


Billion Posts


Sc2 Corp, in collaboration with IBM and LUCIAD, presents the world’s first fully-integrated social media analytics appliance. With Social Insight, organizations can now privately analyze and impact social media on their own terms.


Each system is capable of in-depth social media analysis, which includes global data fetching capabilities from across the social media spectrum, multi-language support, sentiment analytics in native language, geospatial rendering of the data, and more... through easy-to-use, intuitive, and customizable user interfaces.


Equitus can be procured through your current technology provider, or through our resellers, partners, and service providers. Systems can be delivered globally in less than two weeks, and be ready to deliver a true competitive advance to your organization in less than 24 hours from delivery.

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