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Social media influences everything from politics, to the economy, and across the cultural divide. Organizations recognize the evolving requirement of understanding opinion and shaping population sentiment in order to serve and meet business targets. In this fast-paced, internet-driven era where instant communication and social networking can make or break the success of a brand or product launch, the criticality of understanding the social media environment is clear.


A Scaling Solution

Every hour, Sc2's social media monitoring solution expands in scope. Tap into the social sphere - can you afford not to?




Million Websites


Billion Posts

...and counting

Equitus Corporation presents the world’s first fully-integrated social media analytics private appliance. With Social Insight®, organizations can now privately analyze and impact social media on their own terms. Social Insight® navigates social terrain in real-time, with minimal user training and complete end-to-end support. Our easy-to-use interfaces are accessible by users across your organization, to deliver deep social media awareness directly to those that need it.


Each system is capable of in-depth social media analysis, which includes global data fetching capabilities from across the social media spectrum, multi-language support, sentiment analytics in native language, geospatial rendering of the data, and more... through easy-to-use, intuitive, and customizable user interfaces.



This is an in-house appliance that is secure. This is not a cloud solution; Social Insight is delivered to your site (or secure hosted) and operates on your secure network.


Track keywords, phrases, hashtags or any combination in native languages and across millions of URLs. Uncover customer sentiment dispersed across numerous online sources.


Helps you find the best ways to uncover the answers hidden in social analytics. Evaluate information with flowcharts, word clouds, and pinpoint precision. Easily adapts to your own tools.


Customize and summarize with more than 100 pre-loaded, presentation ready reports. Supports customization of views, reports and workflows.

Form Factor

Equitus® is built into a pre-integrated appliance platform, designed to achieve simplicity in deploying and managing social media analytics. Systems come in 10, 25 and 100 Users versions, with delivery, setup and a user training program included. Equitus® is easily integrated with your current investment in analytics software and systems or our own family of Equitus analytics systems.


Equitus® can be procured through your current technology provider, or through our resellers, partners, and service providers. Systems can be delivered globally in less than two weeks, and be ready to deliver a true competitive advance to your organization in less than 24 hours from delivery.


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