From chaos to clarity.

Go from scattered data to insights in seconds.  Any data, any way, anywhere, all in one view.
SC2 advanced private cloud systems enable an information-driven culture with powerful, visually stunning analytics from disparate data types:

- Structured & Private Business Data
- Global Social Media and Unstructured Text  
- Recorded and Live Video Feeds


Introducing the Equitus family

Explore new insights and empower people across the organization to make faster, more informed business decisions.  Each Equitus product is a complete solution for a complex problem and all work together to achieve unprecedented awareness.



Powerful Analytics that bring Social Media to Life

Equitus Social Insight (ESI) is the world’s first completely private social media analytics appliance.  Make informed strategic decisions in real-time based on data from millions of global social sites, with minimal user training and complete end-to- end support. Our easy-to-use interfaces are accessible by users across your organization, to deliver deep social awareness directly to those that need it.



Turn overwhelming data into actionable Insight and Intelligence

Equitus Intelligence (EI) empowers human curiosity and truly creative thinking with exponentially powerful advanced computational analytics and data integration in a complete yet open-architecture solution. Equitus systems are delivered in days, and create insight for both analysts and decision makers in a streamlined process.



Where Video becomes Intelligence

Equitus Video Analytics® (EVA) turns unwatched cameras and videos into rich intelligence, delivering the most advanced video analytics available to remote and disconnected sites by positioning the analytics at the “point of view” rather than in the cloud. EVA uses deep learning to expose behavioral and characteristic-based assessments of live streaming video, making it possible to identify threats, targets and opportunities in real time. 

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